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What up DGC!  Back with another question for you guys.

I’m getting ready to start my second grow and definitely learned a lot from my first one. Originally I was planning on trying to do a living soil with organic amendments but since I just spent a lot of money building my new heated grow room in my basement, I have now decided to go with the same methods from grow #1 but tweak a few things and try to perfect my technique rather than jumping into a totally new strategy.

The plan is to use the GH flora series with the addition of their Armor Si (Silica) and Cal-Mag since I already have the bottles. And yes, I bought them before I knew who I was supporting….. But I guess I might as well use them anyway at this point.

3×3 tent, 3-4 plants in 5 gal fabric pots with a Coco/Perlite blend, grown under a  “blurple” Viparspectra 600W light (also purchased before I knew better… My next question will be about the HLG quantum board kits but I’ll save that for another day)

I went to the grow store to buy Coco today and decided on the Fox Farm Bush Doctor Coco Loco and switch it up from the Canna Coco I used last time.  When I got home I noticed that its packed full of a lot of shit and some people online are saying that its designed so that you don’t have to feed your plants for the first couple of months.  Does anyone else have any experience using GH nutes and Coco Loco?  Part of me thinks that this could be a great compromise between the living soil and pure coco, but the other part of me worries that I might fuck things up and over feed.  I was planning on popping the Alien Orange Gum seeds from the Seeds Here Now freebie pack and I don’t want to blow it 🙂

Thanks to anyone willing to throw some feedback my way! Much love DGC!