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I love herb!  Back in ’76 I was arrested and put in jail for possession of 3 joints in Civic Center Park.  I had to hire a lawyer and appear in court for sentencing.  Now 40 years later I am pround of Colorado for ending prohibition.  I am coming out to the Cannabis Cup to learn how to grow for personal use and meet you guys.  I just became a member with Dude Grows. My request is that you do a segment on your show where you go into the details of setting up a small grow starting with seeds, where to get them in Colorado, the basic equipment needs, soils, and soil treatments throughout the grow with a self contained 4 to 9 square foot grow room. Yea, I was busted for possession of three doobies back in ’76 in Civic Center Park and went to jail until I was bailed out the following morning by my buddies. They came up with $250 bucks and took me back to Boulder. Please let me digress..I left rural Michigan in 1972 and showed up in Boulder to go to college. I arrived on campus with little experience as to my future. When I left Michigan I remember skipping school with my buddies and we got high listening to “Stairway to Heaven” I can still remember that first real cool high. Any way I arrived in Boulder and checked into the dorm and my roommate said the Grateful Dead are playing free in the football stadium.. come along. I said no thanks as I did not know who the Dead were. He came back from the concert and said the Dead threw bags of pot into the audience and everybody lit up. It still did not register with me. Fast forward to to four years later in ’76 in Boulder…I was trying to graduate and needed extra credits to graduate on time so I signed up for a psych class where I would get three credits if I spent the weekend in Denver with no money. We were told not to shave or take a shower for a week and then we took a van to Denver and were dropped off downtown. I decided to take a few joints to add to the fun. They gave the locations where we could donate blood for cash and a few homeless shelters to stay in. It was a beautiful spring day and a friend, who was also taking the course, and I headed to the nearest park and relaxed on the lawn of Civic Center Park, right across from the state Capitol. It was a warm spring day so I relaxed and pulled my stash from my pocket and layed the joints on the grass in front of me. All was good and we were looking forward to a few days of exploring our souls when I looked across the park and saw two Denver Parks Officers walking right toward me. I casually put the 3 joints in my pocket as they approached…they weren’t even real fucking cops. They walked up and asked me what I had put in my pocket and I said here, just a few joints. I did not fuck with them or lie to them. They said “you are under arrest for possession of a controlled substance stand up” and they cuffed me and took me to the Denver jail and let my friend go. I spent the night in jail in the main holding tank and was taken cell after a few hours. They offerred me a meal but I was too shaken up to eat because being busted back in the 70’s was really really bad. I bailed out the next morning and two months later I had to appear in court for arraignment. I had to hire a lawyer and I was placed on probation for a year and if I behaved for a year they said they would expunge my charge and remove it from my record. Now 40 years later I look back on this as a way to describe who I was back then. I avoided a few arrests through the years and have smoked a lot of herb. The Dead is a part of my soul and I feel that Jerry Garcia is a musician on par with Mozart. I am retiring in three weeks and coming out to the Cup and hope to meet you guys. I have become a member with Dude Grows and I relish my commute to work listening to you guys. Every so often my mind freakes out because for many many years I was always aware of the cops and living in paranoia and to hear honest and open dicsussions about Marijuanna triggers something in my mind. You guys are great. I have become a member because of your dedication to the truth. See ya at da cup… Robby T aka; QuarterPounder.