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So it turns out that soup and justcoolin were right in my previous post about the thrips. Unfortunately I believe I found spider mites as well! Learning a lot with my first grow…so I’ve started a treatment with neem oil and tweetment. After doing some research on the ol DGC blogs I noticed I’m probably going to need some nematodes too. I was thinking of getting lady bugs or lacewigs but I’ve heard they are kinda a hassle. So I may start looking for biological IPM practices. I really don’t know what to do at this point but pray for the best. Was thinking about just saying screw it and throw em out. But I’ve been vegging these girls for a while now and I’d hate to lose everything. At what point do you stop? I’ve also noticed that I didn’t have soil mites in my soil until I started using the oly mix from b.a.s. I started them in the light mix they offer and didn’t have any bugs. And then it wasn’t too long after i put them in the oly mix noticed the soil mites and the sadness from the leaves. Thought I was maybe over watering or something but thanks to you guys I was able to find I have a bigger problem. Thanks again DGC for all the support and help! If anyone has a suggestion it would help me out again!