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So I got something going on here and I cant quite figure it out. I’ve been vegging out these roasted garlics for about three months or so and it’s just going weird. I started them in the buildasoil light mix in the 1 gal radical bags. I’ve transplanted two about 3 weeks ago into 7 gal radical bags using the B.A.S oly mix. I noticed while transplanting the two into 7 gals that their roots haven’t even got close to the bag. So I left two of them in the 1 gals. 4 plants total. Also the reason for up potting was that these two were getting bigger a lot faster than the rest. Still are. Sooooo, the two in the 1 gals haven’t grown too much and I’m noticing some leaf taco inward with some downward leaf curl on the big girls. Also getting some light fading on the new growth of all the plants. This is my very first grow so it’s all a learning curve for now. As far as environment I’m in a 3×3 tent with a pretty constant temp of 72-75 and humidity anywhere from 60-70%. I’m using the 135w hlg light about a foot or so above the top of the tallest plant. Along with a 4″ Infiniti fan. I’ve also been using the B.A.S feeding schedule minus a few things. Feeding once a week.

The questions are, why do I have leaves tacoing in so bad with the burnt ends at the very top? Why am I getting a fade at the new growth on all plants? Why are my 1 gals not freckin growing!? And any advice on how long I should typically be vegging for would be sweet. I know there’s a lot of of things that are strain dependent and grower choices but it just seems like this is taking forever! Will they get bigger once I put them in their final 15gal bags? I’m currently waiting for my first plant to dry (not first grow just one plant….that had a lot of problems) in my flower tent before I start my 15 gals. So it’ll be about another week or so before I can do that transplant. I’m rambling now…anyways if anyone can help a brotha out I’d much appreciate it!

Thanks DGC for everything you have done and are doing! Stay lifted