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I’ve been growing outdoors for a while, but putting the finishing touches on my first room… out in my shop.

  • 11′ x 24’x 12′ ceiling, sealed room (this thing is tighter than a clean room in Silicone Valley)
  • five 4′ x 8′ beds on wheels, 16″ depth living soil, no till (and one guy can move them around)
  • 5 ton AC with full room wrap around 14″ accordion ducting (a 2 opening plenum that attaches back to itself for equalized pressure throughout the system)
  • Ceiling mounted Can 70 with 10″ exhaust vented outside
  • 15″ x 25″ fresh air intake (floor mounted other end of the room) for fresh air exchange after lights out and C02 has been turned off/used up
  • Air intake light dep cab on the outside of the room with flow adjustable outdoor air intake that blends/mixes with air from the 1300sq.ft room (so I can turn off outside air when it hits -30 or run 100% outside air if I feel like it)

Each bed has a 2′ x 4′ four-bulb 6500K T-8 fixture, one 200W Sunblaster and 2 Gavita 1000W double enders. The T-8’s come on for the first 1/2 hour of each day, the Sunblasters kick on for the next 1.5 hours….then come the Gavita’s. They turn off in reverse order at the end of the day (doing the whole “trying to replicate a real day of sun exposure” routine). Also, trying to maximize oil production with more blue light as I make oil with my medicine …it kicks the ass out of my skin cancer.

I have 2 questions that I can’t seem to find answers for.

I want to put my C02 line directly under the intake of the air handler for the AC. That way (the way my logic works) C02 is then dispersed from a 10′ level equally all around the room. The guy pitching me a C02 rain device couldn’t give me an answer on my logic…go figure.  I’ll run the AC fan full time as it’s powerful enough to keep the canopy top lightly dancing everywhere. For under canopy air flow, I’m running 2 powerful floor blowers at one end of the room (beds are 6″ off the ground) with lengths of rigid accordion 4″ bathroom exhaust venting hand bent into C and S shapes then wedged between the beds. It grabs the air blasting along the floor and redirects it up onto the beds. It’s multi-directional, flow adjustable and works like a charm; no wall fans. With this ventilation set-up, I’m damn well sure the C02 will never make it down to the floor, but back to my question…nowhere can I find an answer that it’s fine to run your C02 through your AC handler and venting. It seems completely logical to me, but my logic has been flawed in the past so I figured I’d ask the experts!

Since I’ll be doing no-till in 16″ deep beds, I wanted to incorporate side ventilation into the beds in case it gets too wet down there (no drains). So I ended up building the beds with adjustable flow side/end ventilation windows (that don’t leak) that can completely cut off air to the bottoms of the beds (starting 3″ off bed bottom to 6″ below soil surface) or flood the beds with tons of air flow as these 7″ x 15″ windows run all around the beds. I may never need it, but since I’ll never be changing the soil it seems logical to have that option there if I require it.  Nowhere could I find an answer/opinion about side ventilation for deep grow beds. Maybe some of your viewers have experimented with this? Again, my logic tells me it’s a great option to have and may even be a growing advantage when compared to deep grow beds with no side ventilation. I finally found a guy who gave me all these different mathematical equations about air flow in soil, but it did no good. I’m so bad at math I think negative numbers are numbers with a bad attitude!