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Hey guys. Thanks for answering my question watering/feeding in Radicle Bags on episode 920. Its been a few days since posting that and since i have gotten my Recharge in and mixed a 1/2 tsp with a gallon of RO water and gave it to my ladies. I haven’t really been able to see a difference in the past 48 hrs, but i also cant see my roots so I have no clue whats going on. They aren’t looking to healthy though. now I have been worried about nutrient deficiency in the medium. I use Advanced nutrients sensi coco grow/bloom part A & B it has cal/mag in the solution and wondering if they are getting enough from it or maybe my coco (not sure if it’s buffered.i used Vigoro coconut coir) I’ll post some pics of them from today 10/18. I have been watering them about every 2 days now and I used Recharge 4 days ago and again this morning with AN grow part A ans B. Today i used 2 ml of A and B along with 1 g of Recharge. I only use 1/4 strength for my synthetics because I was told and have seen from many Autoflower growers that using 1/4 strength works best and its harder to burn them. What do you think? Anyone grown autos and used full strength Advanced nutrients with results? I’m using recommend dosing on the Recharge. It says 2.5 g for a gallon so i figured if I’m watering them around 2 qts (half gallon) for now then 1 g of Recharge should suffice. Is there a way to check your cal/mag?? By the look of what i have Now what do you think?
I keep a journal so i have notes on all my ppm and dosing for every grow. I have been watering every other day for now and ppm is between 450-500. Is this too low?