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What’s growing on DGC, cal-mag question here. I’m running living soil in 15 gals. Transplanted a week ago, and flipping to flower tomorrow. My well water comes out at 70 ppm. I use Coast of Maine which has the dolomite lime in it, but with my led’s it doesn’t seem to be enough. So I try to supplement around 70-100 ppm of cal-mag like every other watering sometimes twice in a row then skipping. When I see deficiencies I’ll give them like 200-300 ppm. Now, along with the transplant I top fed about a ½cup of Coast of Maine’s fishbone meal. Mixed it with 2 cups of their lobster compost and about a cup of worm castings. It’s contents are 5-13-0 with 18% calcium. How long does it take for that to become available? And could I add a touch of Langbeinite for some magnesium? I’m trying to get an idea of when to cut out or cut down the Roots Organic cal-mag. Also what could I add in the beginning to avoid the bottled supplemental cal mag in the first place. Or is it normal to still have to supplement in living soil. To note, one of the strains is very demanding of calcium and magnesium, second time running her. During veg I used the Bio Live from Down to Earth 5-4-2 as a top feed with the same method of mixing compost and worm castings. The label doesn’t list any calcium or magnesium but it’s got to be in there from its ingredients, as Soup kind of explained to me on discord. Any recommendations on books for amending soil would be helpful too. Thanks again everyone. I continue to learn more and more and dive deeper and deeper. Keep growing strong everyone!