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In California, we have a 6 plant limit.  If I want to grow  30:1 CBD forward plants, will these plants go against my plant count?  If not, what precautions should I take to help my case should I get (oh gee hate this) BUSTED?  why? Obviously, field LEO will probably not be up to speed on HEMP cultivation and since both HEMP and Cannabis look very much the same, I’m likely to be arrested and charged regardless of my plees and subject to “have the courts sort it out” since hemp and cannabis are indistinguishable without lab testing.

On the other hand, I have lupus and have used cannabis as an anti-inflammatory for near 15 years now.  Despite rec laws in place, I always get my medical evaluation/recommendation done each year as insurance.  I’ve heard under 99 plants is a state case and would fight for the distinction with no more than a total of 12 plant count but by the same token, have been told that any medical defense is thrown out because cultivation is still illegal under federal law. I appreciate any clarification you can provide during these ambiguous times.

Mike Angel