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What’s Up DGC, We Are Looking for information on California’s Laws, Rules, Prices, Strains, Etc. Let us know whats going on in your area (Cali). we want to know every thing so our local DGC can make an article letting people know the way of the land in an area near you!!


  • What are you paying for herb?
  • Where are you getting your herb?
  • What strains popular in your area?
  • How are people smoking near you? (dabs, vapes, flower, edibles, etc.)
  • How are you growing it?
  • What are your growing laws?
  • Where are you getting your grow supplies?
  • Where are you getting your genetics?
  • What happens if you get busted?
  • What Brands/Companies are you supporting?

We’re interested in the DGC’s feedback. This post was created so the DGC could comment and give their own personal experiences. We’ve also made a page with some of the California’s cannabis laws and regulations with help from the DGC.

Click the link below.
California Cannabis Laws and Regulations