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Whaddup DGC! Much love! I need some help with my grow. I’m currently in a state of confusion lol. The dankness smells great, but I know these leaves are trying to tell me something.

Quick Recap: Grown in 3 gal fabric pots. Coco Coir / amended medium originally with some 484 all purpose , alfalfa and kelp, bat guano and worm castings, mycorrhizae. Watered every other day, fed every other watering. Nutrients by flora flex. ph ranges from 5.8-6.2 mainly throughout the plants life. This issue came about at week 4/5 of flower, when I mixed a mid flower tea for the end of flower that was more focused towards the P-K ratio with very little N in the mix. I top dressed with the remaining tea compost and considered this overkill on top of my regular feeding schedule.

I questioned if I was experiencing a deficiency or toxicity as I noticed the leaves slowly turn orangish brown and take over all the leaves on top. not so much the bottom ones at all. I wondered is this a pH problem or a light stress/heat stress issue. I regrettably quit feeding cal-mag around week 5, instructed by another grow channel on youtube, and supplemented more of a magnesium ‘sweet grape’ supplement for the remainder of flower, which made me think deficiency. I know if the plants were experiencing any of the above symptoms , they would become more prone to stresses from light or heat, etc.

Can anyone help me make more sense of what exactly is happening? This is my first grow and the DGC vids has helped me tremendously. I am currently on week 10 of flower and chopping them very soon. Thanks for all the help and much love DGC!!