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So, I’m guessing some of you have made my same rookie mistake.  From last run, took clones of all, but one failed to root and I just moved on with those that rooted.  Of course it turns out that the single plant that didn’t clone turned out to be the winning pheno. This pheno of Barney’s Tangerine Dream was taken to a full 10 weeks of flower to match the others in the tent.  It was in full on senescence, all yellowed/crispy leaves, etc.  Having never re-vegged before and wanting to play around to possibly save the pheno, I harvested the majority of the bud and flipped back to 24 light cycle.

I was about to give up as there seemed to be zero indications of new growth, but after literally seven weeks of nothing, the first new shoots appeared.  Over the past three weeks, it has grown vigorously.  Just yesterday, I took some cuttings and put in my cloner to see if they take at this stage. Currently all new growth on the re-veg are three-fingered leaves as seen in the pictures.  Will this stabilize and revert to “normal” leaves over time?  Or do I have a three-fingered mutant?  It’s been fun watching the changes and want your opinions on what to expect going forward.  Peace.