I have heard the dude mention a few times about his iPhone picture quality. I have the iPhone 11 not mini but I’m sure it’s a lot of the same feature. If you going to settings, camera, format. Make sure high efficiency is selected. Also do settings, camera, record video and change that to 4K if you can. You can also change your exposure and other settings in the camera app, but that’s too complicated for me. Lol. For very close photos I bought a microscope on Amazon.

that’s the one I got. It just connects to your phone and has an app. You can snap pics in the app and it will save to the phone. Makes for some pretty cool photos and definitely helped me be able to see the trichs color a lot better. I hope this helps! Love the show and always listen to it on my commutes. Greatly appreciate being able to give you guys a listen and tune out the daily grind. Keep on rockin!