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Greetings DGC,

Sir Coughsalot (Mr.80%… more like 60% now) here in sunny but dry AF Tucson, Arizona! My question is about seed viability and storage. I know the mantra of cool/dark/dry when storing cannabis seeds, but I am wondering what the limits for these parameters are. I have googled it quite a bit, but the information is half bro science, and half information for growers not living in extreme climates, you know, “normal” places where it rains more than twice a year! Here in the Sonoran Desert, we are in an EPIC drought and the humidity has been in the teens or even single digits for the most part for 2 years straight now. I struggle with humidity in my grow, but, believe it or not, you can do OK in 20-30% humidity which is the best I can do since I have to control heat as well. I use a 6gal evaporative humidifier at full tilt just to get that much. I used to run an ultrasonic huey, but the high PPM tap water killed it. Once I can afford an RO system, I will revisit the ultrasonic huey… but I digress…

I have been trying to germinate seeds I have been storing, but most seem to have no vigor and either never crack, or crack, spit out the tip of the tap root, then go kaput. I think a lot of it is… strain specific… and most seed’s viability starts going down steadily after 2 years. But then there are growers that store them for a decade or more and they pop like new… I have a feeling it is the way I have stored them. I have only been sealing them in the packaging and not in a mason jar or another air-tight container. All the packages were in a tin box with a huge silica pack and sitting in my 75F closet. I believe they might have gotten too dry and destroyed the embryo, which is not something most growers have to deal with.

What is the ideal humidity range to store cannabis seeds? I have seen as low as 5%RH and as high as 60% in my googlings. If I average everything i’m thinking it is about 20% to 30% RH. So I am asking the DGC.

Should I put them all in an airtight mason jar and store them in the fridge? I have pretty much burned through my old stock of regular and autoflower seeds and germinated about 1 out of every 10 of them. If I get a fresh pack of seeds ordered, BLAMO (see the pic) So I know it’s not my technique. My ultimate goal is to make some more autoflower seeds, but no point in making them if I can’t store them properly! And I can’t even make them if I can’t get a seed to pop! It’s almost like I need a boveda pack designed to hold 20% to 30% RH in the storage container?