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I’m a long time listener and embarrassed to even post this, but I know I’ll get invaluable advice so I’ll set aside my pride. These are two regular seeds (from a grab bag from seedsherenow) and one auto at day 12, grown 4-6 inches under an HTG T5 LED grow light (82 watt, 6400k) in a mix of roots organic coco and roots organic potting soil in 3 gal fabric pots. I’ve watered with dechlorinated tap water and a few days ago I mixed in a Recharge for one watering. I’m guessing the ambient temp is between 60-65 degrees.

My PLAN was just to get these started and either transfer them outside or beef up the grow space (seal it or get a 2×4 tent with an appropriate LED) and appropriate ventilation. I know I can/need to be more careful with temp, humidity and knowing the pH of the water.

I’m asking for feedback on anything that sticks out to you as an obvious problem (if that’s even possible) – such as, light too close/not enough or temps are too cold or problems with how I’m watering, etc. My setup is bare bones for lack of resources. Appreciate any and all feedback! Love you guys and keep up with the good content!