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Hey DGC,

I heard you guys looking for input on Canadian Legalisation and figured since I live in the cold magical place up north, I could chime in.

So, I’m a medical patient. I recommend anyone who can get a prescription, get one. Its looking like recreational is going to be treated a lot worse than medical. I should probably preface all this by saying nothing is set in stone yet. Health Canada was accepting input based on a document outlining a guide for legalisation until January 20th. It had a lot of useful information but a lot of things were still undecided and we have to wait to hear back on those things.

Recreationally, there’s probably going to be no public consumption. So similar issue to you guys in Colorado. Hopefully they will sort something out with social clubs, but nothing there yet. Medically, you can continue to smoke where you could before. Which is anywhere a cigarette smokers can and with permission of a business or property owner, you can smoke on licenced premises (most people don’t know this part. This means that whole cigarette smokers are banned from smoking on patios at resteraunt and bars, a medical patient can smoke there, with permission from the owner. Pretty cool.)

Growing. Recreationally the talk is four plants. I did see the document at one time said four flowering plants and nothing else. This could be an error or, hopefully, they do not limit vegetative plants. That may just be me being ambitious though. Medically, you are permitted to grow 5 plants per 1g daily prescription. I do not think this is intended to change. I assume if there was no limit upon vegetative plants, that medically your plant count would be only for flowering plants. Again, fingers crossed.

There is a whole lot of regulation going to happen. But that is to be expected in a legal market. But of course, as it’s cannabis, it’s going to be extreme. Hopefully it’ll be something we can be content with and live with though.

They want to allow for a craft market. Theatest request for input was mostly regarding distribution. They want to have a micro producer licence, where you can cultivate and then sell to processors. There will be another licence for processing and micro processing. You are not excluded from having both licences but presumably you will just have to buy both. I was worried they would restrict it so that you had to process in a separate site to production but they have said that one may apply for both licences. They also were looking for feedback on allowing people with cannabis non violent and non trafficking records to be in the industry. Its shitty they won’t allow people charged with trafficking but at least those with possession charges won’t have it held against them.
The THC limit for hemp is 0.3%, I suggested it be 1% as it seems to allow people more flexibility.

In my opinion, it’s not bad so far. It’s going to be over regulated which is shit but to be expected. I recommend everyone get medical though, you can publicly consume and have more plants.

Also, side note on the smoking inside. I have one room I use to smoke inside in the winter. It always Danks when I go back in there! Lol. I mostly vape and use that anywhere as the smell just disappears quickly. It doesn’t stick around. That’s what people in apartment building should do imo. Or as you guys said have a carbon filter if you want to smoke non stop.

And speaking of vapes, there are some good dry herb ones! I’ll get some pics up of mine one day.

Growers love everyone