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Hello there, and blessings!

I found your article here on how to make potent canna oil. I was wondering if you might be able to suggest what type of capsule filling machine that works well with these oils.

I also wondered about using the straight, MCT liquid formula of coconut oil (rather than the “solid” oil), and what the difference might be, and the benefits of each.

(Saw some on the shelf at the store the other day, it was just listed as “MCT coconut oil,” and was in a clear liquid form.)

Thanks so much, in advance, for any input… just recently found your page. Just harvested my first medical grow, (yayyy!) and am really looking forward to making some canna capsules, and other edibles, for medical use.

Rock on!

– Beltana Spellsinger ❤🌱🌱🌱