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Hey Dude and Scotty, chemdank here from across the pond, first lets get the brown nosing out the way first. Have been listening to your great show for a couple of years now and can’t thank you guys and the crew for the great content. Makes those long commute to work that much easier. You guys are the shit. Any way just wanted to give you my two pennies worth( or cents) on the coco and flood and drain route. I use canna coco substrate with canna coco A & B and all canna supplements in a flood and drain table, and have done for about 18 months, I followed Vader OG from ocean grown on YouTube, he has a great channel and runs he’s whole grow/breeding op that way.If any one wants to grow this way it is worth going through his channel as he has many videos showing how in maintains hes grow and also he has some AMAs, which cover many questions. Hey scotty would like to run your recharge but those greedy people at Amazon want too much money for shipping to UK, but after listening to your show have been trying to find a microbe product to use here, I can and have been using Azos from xtream gardening, what do you think of that product? How can I get recharge without paying as much for shipping as the product itself? Can’t I become the UK recharge rep lol, I can sling that shit. Anyway I’m rambling like Scotty Real on too much coffee. Keep up the good work Take it easy Dude, and you Scotty Peace motherfuckers Chemdank