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Cannabis Gold fertilizer? I have a few questions about this fertilizer company. I’m a Michigan grower and my grow store just started carrying this. I’m looking to switch fertilizer for my next grow. I tried the grow dots and f-ed that up.( Sorry Scotty I can’t follow directions I guess.) And am kinda addicted to my bottles. So anyways my grow store kinda doesn’t carry any of the nutrients I like but is super close to my house and gives me fat loyalty discounts. Thank you happy harvester. But this cannabis gold seams fairly inexpensive and legit. 5 parts, nitrate based witch I’m not sure about I’m hoping not to burn the shit out of my plants if I mess up. Just wondering if anyone here has used it or knows anything about it. Here is the link to there website. There isn’t much else on the Google about it.

Sorry for the long post

And thank you Scotty for the Recharge it has saved my ass so many times it’s not funny.