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This recipe was shown to me and thought I’d share with the D.G.C.

This was a experiment for me so the cannabis I used was all the bottom of the jar and squished old rosin nugs…..but I could see if you used some really terpy flavorful fresh weed that flavor will carry over into the sugar.

1. First you will need to infuse some cannabis grain alcohol. I used everclear but something of that proof soaked for a week or so. Potency is up to you but trim is fine.

2. Strain cannabis out.

3. Add sugar……I found the ratio to be 2 to 1……In this case 1 cup alcohol 2 cups sugar. Its more than you think.

4. Pour onto parchment paper on sheet pan. Spread evenly.

5. Bake lowest setting…….for I dunno 15 20 minutes possibly a lil longer.

6. When you start to see bottom brown or smell alcohol. Stir every now and then.

7. At that temp it won’t scorch for awhile.

Restaurant and bakery quality pantry item with the right flower…….Stay Baked!