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At last I join my people, The DGC. what up FAM!

Since covid started, so did my growing career. The WIFE TOLD ME TO! since then I’ve learned an ungodly amount from your show, your guests, and the DGC.

I’ve had two successful harvests now, and am working on finishing up the third, and preparing the 4th run to go into flower in a few weeks.. I have been using HLG lights (the DIY 240watt kits – i have 7 now…) since the 2nd grow, and have now fully gone LED.  I have also decided to try out Power Si, as my silica product. I had used GH power Si with great results before.

Now is when it gets a little weird, like arthritis weird..  note the pictures.  I’m now growing in Tupar, 1 gallon pots as they are maybe 2 weeks out of the clone dome, and I use Technaflora B.C. 3 part nutrients with all of their Recipe for Success additives. Environmentals are right where they should be around 80F with 65%RH with a little fan for airflow.

I’ve tested runoff PH and it was in the mid-6’s, while my input is really hard to nail down due to the PowerSi dropping the PH to around 4.5 after all is added to the res and mixed.. I’ve been using GH PH up to adjust, and I’m not sure if I’m using too much, or the media is drying out too much between watering’s, which are 500ml 1100ppm (500 scale) and adjusted pH to around 5.6-5.9 (I’m not exact every time, i just get it in between 5.5-6.0). I first noticed interveinal chlorosis, tested the runoff pH (6.5-6.8) which led me to flush with the correct pH (5.8) around 1500 ml per pot.  Now they seem to greening back up, but I’m getting some clawing, deformation, and twisting… oh brother…

What can I do to get a hold on what the problem is here, is it watering timing, pH fluctuations, or could PowerSi be causing nutrient compatibility issues, since it also has nitrogen, Boron and phosphates? should I adjust my nutrient concentration, or could i not be mixing thoroughly enough?

Any help or guidance will be appreciated.