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Sup DGC been awhile since I’ve posted any content bc of a family illness. I really appreciated all the DGC that responded to my questions about how cannabis can help with Chemo. It meant a lot to me and helped elevate some of her nausea and pain. Been a rough year but we seem to have it beaten at the moment. Prayers where answered. Figured I’d share my sour apple cut with you guys as this strain seemed to give the best relief for her. She’s breed by cannarado Genetics one of my favorite breeders. Very unique strain. Terpenes are hard to describe but it’s unmistakable once you smell or taste it 1 time. She was grown in Royal gold Tupur hydroponics drain to waste fed 2x a day with recharge mixed in the coco b4 planting and then top dressed every few weeks for a booster. Grown under my Nextlight mega Pro series led. She’s got maybe little over a week left. I dont count weeks or days anymore so I’m not sure her age. She tells me when she’s ready and what she wants if you read what she’s telling ya. Thanks again guys. If I could send you all a qp I would.