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Hello. I’m having problems getting “fade” on about 80% of the strains I’ve had. A couple I’ve dealt with do actually yellow out at the end but for the majority of my plants,  it’s so frustrating to see them so dang green at finish!! I know im probably messing up the taste too.

In soil (I use a lightly self amended Pro-mix with 2 cups earth worm casting and 2 tbs. of a high P guano per gallon of soil) usually stop feeding with 2 weeks or so to go. For Hydro (I use the G.H. Water Farms with lava rock as my media and also a few DWC bubble buckets also using the lava rock as my net pot media. For nutes I use the 3 part from G.H.

Any suggestions would be really great and I love the work you guys do! You dudes are an inspiration to me. I’d love to follow your success!