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Whats good DGC!? For years now, growing has been about quality not quantity for me. Always growing nice size buds on my plants but not those beasts you see on other accounts. Now I wanted to try some monster buds in my garden! Here is where I get confused. Others who grow my GG4 always seem to end up with baby arm colas everywhere! Some using same soil/nutes as myself while others use other methods like hydro. Now comes 9lb Hammer. I got my baby arm colas, 11+ of them! Now I’m even more confused!! I can’t get huge colas on my GG4 like others but can with 9lb Hammer changing nothing between the two. I’ve done heavier feedings, longer veg times (month+ more) even the frequency and volume of water/feedings given. How? Even environments were looked at. I just have nothing to explain this. What do you guys think?