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Hey DGC team, it’s Stoner Mikep420 from Anaheim hills CA!! I just made a carbon filter outta a 6 inch three way plastic pipe. I found the DIY hack on YouTube and it works perfect!! Ok so first you need:

01. 6 inch plastic water pipe with three openings at Home Depot.

02. 30$, carbon filter screen 8$ Home Depot.

03. Granular activated carbon at fish store.

04. The drain screen for showers Home Depot.  Put the drain screen in one end and cut the carbon filter as the screen. Then add the Granular activated carbon and repeat step 1 for the other side. Screw the middle part on with a drain plug and hook it up to your in-line fan system. It cost me 50$ for everything and I have enough to make another one!! I tested it out after I smoked a fatty and came back an hour later and no smell!!