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Hey DGC,

First off, thank you for this amazing community you have created.  I just joined, got my Dude pack from seeds here Now on the way, as well as some strawberry glue seeds I ordered while on the site and paying for shipping.  I can’t wait to get them and run them.

I am just finishing my first grow, with one more plant left to harvest.  Up until a couple weeks ago, I  didn’t really think about the smell that would be leaving my flower room, and with harvest approaching fast, and being in prohibition land, I needed to find a solution to this problem quickly.

Here is what I came up with.  I had a exhaust fan and carbon filter that was just sitting there that I planned to us during the cold season.  After taking a few rips it came to me.  Went and bought a cooler that my carbon filter would fit into and got to work.  Started off by drilled a hole through the cooler on each end with a 6 in hole saw.  I then put 6 in duct through the holes and used silicone to seal it.  From there, I hooked up the carbon filter inside the cooler, then to the exhaust fan and out the house.  To finish it off, just hook the AC unit up to the other side.  When I was doing this, I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but to my surprise it does.


A few things to keep in mind

-Make sure you get/use a cooler that has a tight seal.  You don’t want the hot air from the cooler leaking back into your room.  You could use silver duct tape to tape it shut.  The cooler I bought seals good so was not needed.

-It is crucial to make sure your fan is bigger/more CFM than the fan on your AC unit or this WILL NOT work.  You should be able to find this information in your product manual if you still have them.  I have a 6in fan and it has to be on high speed or the AC will not work properly. I probably could have got by on a lower speed if the hole leaving the house wasn’t a 4 inch hole.  I had to reduce from 6 in to 4 in, but the hole was already there and I used what I had.  Ideally, you would want this to be a continuous 6 in duct (or whatever size your AC hose is)with no reducing.

-I have not run this for very long, but I am going to assume that the life of this fan will be shorter than the typical life span of the fan when ran in normal conditions.   The fan is moving some very warm air.  That being said, the better the fan, the longer it should last.

In conclusion, if you had to go out and buy all this stuff to make it, there may be a better route to go, but if you have some of these things laying around like I did, and are somewhat handy, you can make this work.  I had the fan, the carbon filter, all the duct work fittings, and the hole saw, so all I had to buy was the cooler.  If you had to buy all this stuff, you may be better off looking into Dual hose AC units.  This project only cost me $50, but if you bought a used cooler at a garage or something instead of a new one, you could do it even cheaper if you had everything else.

Just thought I would share for other people like me that didn’t really want to buy a dual hose AC and were looking for other options.