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I’ve been wondering what other caregivers have experienced when relocating and trying to grow and care give in unfamiliar place where they don’t know anyone and if that’s just usually a fools errand or sometimes works out.

I’ve been a small scale caregiver in Michigan’s upper peninsula for almost a decade. More as a hobbyist than a business. Garage indoor grow soil, 8 x 10 flower room, two 4×4 veg tents and 2×4 if I need it. I’ve manage to get buy keeping the lights on with just a couple patients, mostly old family friends. Their feedbacks good and say the dispensary stuff here doesn’t outshine mine but finding new patients has always been a bit of a struggle for me given my reclusive tendencies. As life goes, temping circumstances appear. In his case, it’s a woman I’ve been friends with for a couple years. Thing is, I just see her when she happens to be visiting back home visiting family which she usually includes me in. She recently moved from Atlanta to Boulder Colorado and said I’d be a good roommate. Cant just be simple, can it? If I haven’t been growing, caregiving for my disabled mother and uncle, running their errands, groceries, yardwork, house cleaning etc and also working in carpentry, I’d already have packed my bags but damn duties, responsibilities and obligations must get in the way. I’ve been growing so long I can’t imagine not living that lifestyle but considering going from a sustainable garden in family owned property that’s in a new developing market in Michigan’s upper peninsula to a well established flooded market in Boulder doesn’t seem feasible. There’s finding work in someone else’s garden or other parts of the industry but even that seems daunting and wouldn’t know where to begin. This isn’t the first time I’ve been tempting away from the garden, even by her and it’s always been difficult and I’ve opted for staying the course, upholding the path but I can’t help but wonder of others, especially as of late.