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Cooped up inside with a hyper dog? Quarantining affects everyone, including your hyper pup, and it can be hard to calm your dog down when you can’t go about your normal routine. CBD calming treats can be extremely helpful in getting your hyperactive fur baby to calm down and de-stress when everyday activities — like a dog park adventure — are not an option. If you’re wondering how to get your dog to calm down, dogs need exercise, no matter what age! Your pup will likely require walks a couple of times a day as well as some engaging playtime to exercise their brain. 

CBD will not cause your dog to be sedated, but it will help them to relax and calm down from their agitated state. CBD for dogs is a great alternative to some of the commonly used medications for stress and hyperactivity because it is all-natural and doesn’t have the same harmful side effects as prescription medications. We find that hyper dogs tend to sleep more soundly and restfully after using CBD, and it helps them more readily settle down after a stimulating walk or playtime.  

Along with CBD, mental stimulation can help your dog calm down. In particular, when customers ask us how to get their dog to calm down, we recommend a “treasure hunt.” This activity, which involves hiding treats around the house and letting your dog sniff them out, is fantastic for hyper pups looking for stimulation while cooped up at home. They love being able to search for their treats, and kids who are also cooped up at home love being a part of the hide-and-go-seek process! 

Teaching your dog new tricks using calming CBD treats, or enlisting kids to teach your hyper dog some new moves, can also be extremely rewarding and calming for dogs. Some breeds are better than others at learning tricks, but all dogs seem to enjoy the stimulation and interaction!

Exercising your pet when you are unable to visit beaches or dog parks can be very challenging and stressful for active pets and their parents. If you can safely get outside during the current COVID crisis, walking is a great way to keep your hyper pup calm. When used in conjunction with CBD calming treats, a simple walk can be an incredible tool in how you get your dog to calm down.

If you are unable to go outside or you don’t have a family member who can walk your dog for you, try to incorporate your dog into your exercise routine! Dogs doing yoga is a pretty common sight on social media these days, not to mention dogs love to be included in any human activity! CBD pet products are a fast and highly effective way to calm your hyper dog.

Senior dogs, while not really hyper, can be extremely restless and have a hard time calming down. Particularly at night, senior dogs tend to pace and pant and become agitated. CBD products are fantastic for helping senior dogs to calm down and to feel less stressed and agitated.

It can be difficult for pet parents not to know how to get their senior dog to calm down and rest. Stress, however, can be identified in several ways in dogs of all ages. As mentioned above, pacing and panting are signs of stress as well as obsessive paw licking or licking of their bed. Not being able to settle down at night or waking in the middle of the night can also be signs that your dog needs your help in finding some calm. Giving a CBD calming treat at night, one hour before bed, can be an effective way to help your pup (young and old!) find calm. 

The dogs who require calming often may need more than the week 1 dosing. Twice the loading dose is still extremely effective and safe. Every dog is a little different, so start with the week 1 dose and then assess your dog after 3-4 days to see if increasing is right for your dog’s optimal dose.

Young dogs, senior dogs, hyper dogs, dogs who are stressed and agitated — all can benefit from CBD products.