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Whats going on DGC?  still listening daily out here in New Zealand.   My grows been pretty dialled in for a while now with no issues, but I’m looking to change things up a little.    Laws here are still super bad.   Full prohibition really,  although things are slowly changing.   Patients are allowed to now consume CBD products along as they contain less than .5% THC.    And this is where my issue is.    I want to start growing some high CBD strains, in the hope i can find some awesome strains if it becomes legal for me to grow in the near future.   Id like to hit the ground running.   I have a nice bit of land, and have plans for a light dep setup on it.    Anywhere i look i can’t find any seed companies that can say that their seeds contain less that .5% THC.    So I’m putting the shout out to the mighty DGC crew to see if anyone can help me find some?

I’ve done some breeding in the past,   and i’ve thought about crossing CBD high and THC low strains.   But then realised this would be somewhat in vain as theres nowhere i can get levels tested here yet 🙁   So if anybody has played around or knows some good seeds please let me know.

love your work out there.   Im jealous every day of Colorado when i listen to the podcasts.

growers love