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First off what’s everyone’s opinion on ventilation cfms?

I just read a few articles talking about perfect room to cfm ratio is .74

Basically a rooms cubic foot is determined l x w x h = cu ft now multiply that by .74. This gives you your optimal room cfms. Note this is a rough line and with indoor cannabis you can exceed up to .84 but never anything higher. As this will deplete the air to fast pulling the transpired water with it. Your plants will dry faster and could possibly cause other issues. Just thought this was good info for all gardeners to use. My room sits at a .71 because it’s 550 cfm fan divided by 768 12ft x 8 ft x 8ft. I get .71 . It’s close to what I’m looking for but defiantly can do better. After this math I figured I need a 600 cfm or up to 650 maximum cfm.


What’s your opinion on all this? Are these articles correct in their math? Should we have concern?