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So this idea came to me out of necessity. About a year ago I wanted a new tent. I had only been growing in a 2×4 up to that point and decided it was time to buy something a little bigger.  I settled on the idea of a 5×5. Then I thought instead of swapping my 2×4 for a 5×5 why not add a 5×5 and run both. So, the tent was the least of my worries… I now had to buy lights, fan & filter, etc… We’ve all been there… Those of us who haven’t are either liars or rolling in dough… You find yourself having to part with a decent chunk of change, and naturally you start to consider… shit! I’m sooo elevated right now that I just realized I’m babbli and not getting to the point… Ok here goes…

i bought a cheap tent. It was ok but the zippers just sucked! About 2 weeks ago I finally had my last battle trying to unzip past this one sticking point. I knew right then there was no getting past that point without me turning green and finding my ass in a pair of cut-off jeans growling at that mofo! Anyways the dilemma is this… I’m not a tailor nor am I in a position to buy a high quality zipper and sew it on myself. I imagine it would probably cost 50-60 bucks to get someone to do that. Who would bother? We’d just go buy a tent right? I know I would if it meant dropping that much on a not so great tent! Shit! Still kind rambling! Ok ok here it goes… my bright idea was Velcro! Use the zippers up to the point where they still work well, and then MacGuyver that shit! A trip to Dollarama leads me up and down aisle after aisle of inferior almost single-use crap! Finally I find what I’m looking for! $1.25 Cdn for 30 inch long  3/4 in wide Velcro with an adhesive backing. Basically stuck strips along the zipper flaps and they do their thing. I only grow autos right now. But I’ll be starting my first photo run soon. I’ll admit, this grow hack may not work for all to satisfactory levels if growing photos,  but with autos, I see no problem! Basically allowed myself the cheap tent for that reason. Not worried about light leaks etc… I’m hoping this little inexpensive trick may help some of you fellow DGC members should you find yourself in this predicament!