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Hey everyone, gotta say I’m really enjoying watching the podcast almost everyday. I’ve been wanting to become an official DGC supporter for a minute now but since work hasn’t been all that steady, so I thought I’d pitch in another way…With a great grow hack! This one is for tent owners who want to support a little more weight(exhaust fans, carbon filters, etc) without getting another tent.

I had some older pieces of 3/8″ exterior siding and some scrap plywood. I cut these pieces into braces for each of the corners and then drilled a few holes at the end of each piece. Fit them in place in each corner of the tent, and zipped tied them to fasten them to the vertical and horizontal poles. The zip ties I used were nothing special, just a 7.5″ 100 pack from the store.

If you want to zip tie all corners its not really necessary unless you’re holding a lot of weight. I usually do all the bottom corners and the 2 back corners of the tent at the top. Then I add a 4″ x 4′  of plywood across the back to support air pumps, fans, etc.

I hope this hack brings new life to some old tents out there. Happy growing and stay safe.

Peace, Andy