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Whats going on DGC. Long time listener of the show. You know how you buy stuff that you dont need or really want? Well I found an older grow light in storage that i never used and was going to throw it in a little seedling tent. It’s almost certainly chineseum and supposedly 100w (I haven’t checked but I doubt this) ebay special LED COB.

I have to say the output is surprisingly good. My main concern is that the thin heatsink that is the back half of the case and even the front really gets too hot to touch so I just never trusted leaving it. Do you think it’s worth adding a bigger sink or should I just throw this fire hazard in the trash? Have any any of the DGC fam ever had a cheap cob cause a fire or close to it?

Also here’s some of my own auto genetics for Scotty from this year. Its GSK x ONYX f2 grown in my own organic living soil mix. The no till bed has been going for 5 years now and required me to do virtually nothing which is always a bonus. Unfortunately I had to cut a little early this year as humidity was a killer