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I have a cheap hack for both a smart tent and monitor/controller for under ~$160.

You will need both:

Inkbird Digital wifi Temperature controller (~$50) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PVBG8K1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Inkbird Digital wifi humidity controller (~$60)


You will also need one and/or both:

Gosound Smart Plugs (~$25)


Gosound Smart power strip (~$20)


Once you have all the components, downloaded the “inkbird” the app, and connect each of the components through the application (I know that Gosound brand smart outlets can be connected through the same app not sure about other brands).  For my physical setup, I plugged 2 lights and my ventilation into the power strip (maxing its number of outlets) and used the individual outlets for my internal movement fans.  I also plugged my heater into the inkbird outlet itself (you could just plug everything into the smart plugs though).  I am eventually going to get a dehumidifier but right now controlling though air outtake (not great but ok) and that would go on a smart plug in the room that the tent is in.  I am sure that people can configure these singular smart outlets and smart strip to suit their specific needs, but the cool stuff happens in the app.  So while on the “smart” menu, click on the tab “automation.”  You can then click the “plus” button and add different types of automation.  This gives you 4 options: “launch tap-to-run”, “when weather changes”, “schedule”, and “when device status changes.”  Of these options, the ladder two (“schedule” and “when device status changes”) are the important ones for our purposes.  The schedule option is obvious why it is important, especially for lighting.  A cool part is that it allows you to set these by day so you can slowly stair-step your way down from 18 to 12 hrs/day over a week without having to actually set it up each and every day.  However, this also allows for you to schedule in temp and humidity changes when in the light or dark period (i.e. 74 during dark and 78 during the light).  The “when device status changes” option is important for a few reasons but basically it allows you to create “if – than” statements.  For example, I set that when my humidity monitor reads above 65%RH to kick on the export fan and below 55%RH to turn it off.  An additional thing that you can do with this is have it message your phone when a device status changes.  I have mine set for extreme values for humidity and temperature that would send me a message immediately when it is over 80 or below 68 temperature-wise and over 70% RH or below 45% RH.

Overall, there are many benefits to using this but only 2 downsides that I have found thus far.  The first is that it takes a while to schedule in each and every action.  You must set these up carefully and make sure that you choose all days and the correct function that you want to perform (i.e. on vs off).  If you do this wrong, you can have a bad time.  Another downside can arise if you try to have too many dependent actions.  I had the export to kick on when the temp and humidity were too high and turn off too low but there was a situation where the temp was too low (turn off) and the humidity was too high (turn on) and they literally kept switching the fan on and off every 20 or so seconds.  As long as you play with it a bit and take your time, I think that this is a good cheap system that allows you to control and monitor your grow even when you are miles away from your grow.

Hope someone can get some use out of this tip! Keep growing, smoking, and watching prohibition falling down DGC!


P.s. I won a t-shirt (“clone only” T-shirt when looking for genetics, ironic I know) a while back from seed grab 2 and haven’t reached out to get it (it’s cool but I have shirts but don’t have DGC endorsed great genetics).  Maybe this grow hack is good enough to get another shot at the claw game for genetics?