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What’s up DGC!

Just another newbie, with another “1st setup question” unfortunately. My HLG 550 V2 Rspec just landed. Lately I’ve been nervous that my light can not be used as a true seed to harvest light? We have 1 grow store in town and the owner told me “you cant start seeds under that light ” (referring to the 550). Is that true?  I just learned the difference between veg vs flower cycles in June smh, so all this is pretty new to me and he’s a professional. Is that true or is he just trying to move some T5 fixtures in prohibition land, IDK honestly?

If it matters, and if what I saw on YouTube is true 😏 I plan on running, 5 to 9 plants (prohibition land, no plant count, just a wife), 3-5 gallon pots (Mephisto suggests different pot sizes per strain, and I’m trying to find 1 sativa dominant, and 1 indica dominant strain that are “labeled” the same growing size, height, and flower time, with Recharge and Remo Supercharged kit).

I would “like” to do it all in 1 tent with 1 light. But if I absolutely need a small T5 lighting fixture to start seeds what size light do I need, to start 4 to 8,  5 gallon autoflower pots under it? I’m trying to skip transplanting until I i maybe start photos after a couple grows of autos grows 1st.

Thanks for any, and all help!