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This works for poor people or those that dont like working so much. I have to confess to being both poor and lazy but i have a lot of seeds. Works great for cloning too. A tub at the dollar store costs less than 5 bucks, and the styrofoam cups cost almost nothing. A box of 500 will last several years.

Each tub holds 20 cups, and I keep the plants in the cup all the way through sorting out of males. A bit of a stretch, but I’m lazy. I use coco/vermiculite but it probably works just as well for soil. Soak seeds for a day in the water, and put one on each cup. Wait till they sprout, if it doesn’t sprout, stick another seed in and keep going. The lid keeps it humid. Be sure to remove the lid as soon as they sprout so they don’t go into stretch mode. And for drain holes, an allen wrench (or anything) held with vise grips heated on a torch puts a nice drain hole in the bottom of the cup. The 20 cups produce 10 females, and the cups can be reused once transplanted. Pay no mind to the mash buckets in the background, its to make ethanol for my lawnmower as far as you know.