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My first grow is almost in the books, fellas. I feel proud but also tired. I lost sleep, caught anxiety attacks, but also was blown away at the process of cannabis growing into buds. These things were tiny and each day I would look at them and think “I’m doing something wrong, they’re not growing normally” up until they turned into these beasts.

With the drying and curing process coming underway all I can think of is the next run and things I’ll be doing differently. I was pretty pleased in the end with how these girls turned out but the next run I’d really like to have some nice looking leaves as well. The bud is and looks fantastic this run, but the leaves are clearly suffering from light intensity, high heat, and probably some watering and/or nutrient issues I may have unknowingly caused along the way. But through it all these babies fought on and did me proud. I’ve also learned one crucial thing: Never grow during the summer. Fuck. That.

I used 6 inch rockwool blocks and all I used was zerowater, Jack’s 3-2-1, Recharge, and Mammoth P. And despite being autoflowers I made sure to defoliate the absolute shit out of them, the only thing I wish I also did was cut more branches. I left way too many colas and because of that I have been battling humidity in the last 2 weeks of flowering.

My AC Infinity is on level 10 and my 35-pint dehumidifier is no match for the amount of humidity all those smaller colas I have brushing up against the bigger colas in both my Chemdogging #2 and the Seedsman Northern Lights and Strawberry Cheesecake in the back there.

Truth be told I had no idea I had to cut those bastards off else they turn into long bud sites, and by the time I did the plants had gotten so deep into flowering I didn’t want to possibly stunt the plants or lengthen the process of them finishing any further. Anyway I’m rambling, so I’m just gonna wrap this up by saying thanks for all the help, info, and love, guys. Dude you are the man, Scotty you are the man, and Jerin and Guru you guys are the masters I can hear you both talking about weed a thousand miles a minute forever for real. Thanks a lot.