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What’s Growing On DGC? I’ve got a few questions pertaining to transitioning from Chemical/hydroponic growing setup and methods to soil and 100% organic gardening methods. Besides the Macros listed on the Bottle of the Yellow Neptune’s Harvest 2-4-1 (or hydrolyzed fish in general) what are the micros, enzymes, hormones, and vitamins that are in there, what is it high, low, and have none of? Maybe Scotty could go off on labeling laws state by state again… Its frustrating that not all of the “elements” of the contents of a bottle are not listed. Biocozyme Vs Sensizym, Hygrozyme. Are these similar products. Noticed on the bottle of biocozyme it says no active enzymes???? Would it be beneficial at all to combine them in the nutrient solution? Also looking at the Pound House’s Soil Recipe. 2 questions there.. 1. Would mixing in dry Recharge be beneficial and if so how much should be put in initially and if so how much to water in thereafter. 2. The recipe calls for 10 cups of Guano.  There is a variety of different Guanos available from Sun Leaves 1-10-0.2 to Budswell’s 0-7-0 for double the price of the Sun Leaves.  Any ideas on quality differences in the Guanos, or any recommendations? Assume perfect conditions Temp, Humidity, Co2, Lighting etc.  Thanks for all the information and entertainment The DGC is the best resource I’ve ever come across, I think Recharge is the best product I’ve come across too.