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Week 9 Day 2

Temps last week were 69°-73° Day; 61°-64° night.  40%-45% RH

This week lowering to 65° high and 55° low,  30%RH and estimating harvest day on Day 5 of week 9…, but I’ll probably take them to week 10 cause it’s a saturday.

Theres a lot of puple showing up right under the light bulb (600w hps) but the outter colas are staying green. Hard to tell by the pics, but the pistils are turning more burgundy than the orange they were just a week ago. Today was first sign of amber trichomes  after checking every day asking where they at?! This is going to end up being a 4 week flush…not was I was planning on, but just lettin the record play and the music smells amazing! 😉