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Week 6 Day 5.

Tonight was the 3rd watering in the flush phase and the bottom leaves on this 8-9 week strain are starting to fade. Every day the buds get just a little bit fatter, a little bit frostier and little bit cloudier in the trichs on all 4 of these beauties.

A very stretchy pheno that was hard to tame. I’ve never super-cropped or criss crossed so many branches; I actually had to pull the netting and rescrog! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Approaching week 7, it’s starting to dank up quite a bit. Smells like weed lol

This run I’ve been more in sync with my garden’s needs and don’t-needs and I truly have the DGC to thank for the improvements I’ve made this year.

Shout out to DocBrownsGreenThumb, AsmosGrows, Jmystro and Soup! Ya’ll have put up some great content on here in posts and comments that really helped connect the dots and gave me a better direction and some extra knowledge I can keep in my back pocket as I continue my journey into growing the best medicine for the love of my life who I’ll be marrying this November in Jamaica, baby! 🇯🇲

I’m still learning, but I’m happy with how this grow is turning out!