Curing Matters!!

Thank you DGC for all of the info, couldn’t have done it with out learning a ton from The Dude, Scotty, and Guru (back in the day)! All equipment and nutrient recommendations have been solid. Looking forward to the next run with the info you guys keep putting out there! Take ‘er easy.

Grow Setup: 2×2 AC Infinity Tent, Spider Farmer SF1000 LED, 5 gal Rain Science Bag, Fox Farms Ocean Forest, Grow Dots @ 15ml/gal, Recharge 1.25ml/gal once per week, NM Ruby Ful#$% 2.5ml/gal once per week, NM Winter Frost 10ml/gal once 3 weeks pre-harvest, Curing with 62% Integra Packs.