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This was my second run with this cultivar and even though the first run was great I changed up the feeding regimen on this run pushing for a more fruit and gas using a modified version of the Greek regimen with Nectar For The Gods. I am extremely please with how it turned out and if I ever run this cultivar again I know how to kill it. This was a fresh tester and only a week from cut. Her flavor is amazing even without no cure at all. She has a grape flavor with a cherry exhale that is so smooth it takes you by surprise. While you’re thinking about how fantastic it is the high kind of creeps right up on you with a bit of euphoria at first and then in a matter of a couple minutes it hits you behind the eyes and the body buzz locks in. It’s a perfect choice when you just want to relax, kick back and have some pain relief as well. Functional but stoned. She is a keeper and NFTG is the way to a better result in my not so humble opinion.