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First off for me to type anything longer than a 👌is really saying something.

This is my 3rd grow, 1st gorilla glue 4,2nd Bruce Banner, 3rd Cherry Paloma. The Cherry is due to Scotty getting so wet why he talks about it.

I have a 5×9 gorilla grow tent. On the first I did full tent using a scrog and 8 girls. Just over 2 lbs. On the second grow was just LST and got about 1 1/2 lbs.

now the 3rd grow I was hunting for a mom. I did 10 lady’s and only used half my tent. Only vegged for 3 weeks, which was a week longer than I wanted, but had to get viable clones. I cloned each lady twice.

I grow under 2 growers choice 680, 6 in ac infinity. 2 12in hurricane oscillating fans. Use autopot’s with a 25 gal res. MSA, Canna coco 50/50 mix of perlite, Cana coco a/b canna cal-mag, some crystal burst at the right time. And keep a sanitary red with cleanse.
love autopot’s just need a level floor and maintenance schedule and they are lovely.

took all of this down Sunday 10 1/2 weeks . One was taken right at 9 weeks which is the first photo.  Second lady just fell over Friday and the 3rd is just plan pretty I think.

thanks for just being there.