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What’s up DGC!?

Alright Dude, time for some narrashawn up on yo YouTube stashawn.

First things first – Big shout out to the man J.R. Token for finding such an awesome keeper, and winning 3rd at the DGC cup with this girl.Β  Also shout out to Banners rad cousin Juan, for hooking a brother up πŸ‘Š. You the man!

I know she’s been featured as the Dank Nug before, but I couldn’t help not sharing, so here she goes.

This girl was grown in Foxfarm Coco Loco, using Grow Dots, Recharge, and two doses of New Millennium – Winter Frost. Took her down at 67 days and she’s definitely got that super relaxed, heady stone, Guru talks about, that will make you go night night when overconsumpshawn occurs.

After cracking the lid on a jar full, the room fills up with a pungent, and funky, Hawaiian Punch type terp that is truly unique. The taste is almost spot on with the smell, leaving your taste buds tantalized.

Much love, and big thanks to the entire DGC crew. Missed seeing you all at the cup. Here’s to next year!

Dude – End narrashawn


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