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What’s up guys !! Been loving the show and I just wanna say I really miss guru I love all the crew but really loved what he had to say and reminds me alot of my self !! Anyways here is my dank nug this is a strain I call “chimora dragons breath “ this is a strain you can say has been 30 years in the works !!!! A few years back when o first started growing my grandpa (who had been growing his whole life since he was a teenager) passed away and left a massive grow behind that my grandma didn’t wanna keep up with and learn how to grow as it was more his thing and not hers !! So she had me come and take everything down and remove all the plants !! A lot of the plants / strains in there were his own creations they he never released to anyone but family and has been working them for almost 25 years and I couldn’t bring my self it just kill them esspecially being one of the last things my grandpa left on this earth !!! So I took a mother of each of his strains home to my grow and tire evehtjing els down and toook all the spare equipment home as well !! I began to grow out some cuts of these strains from my gpa  and found one that I really loved called Maui dragon witch was his on cross of Maui waui and Dutch dragon !! So I decided to take this plant and cross it with one of my own strains I had been working on for the last 5 years witch was a cross of chimora and motor breath #15 !!! I then continued to cross this to an f4 and this is what I have !!!! Honestly super pleased with this strain and even more happy that on a way I got to partake in a breeding project with my grandpa even after he passed !!!!! I do still have mothers of his original crosses I got from his grow and will always keep them around and at his request will not release them!!! I how ever do plan on releasing some tester beans in the future of this chimora dragons breath and figured this would be the best place to find some solid growers to hook ups it’s this and have then test it out !!!! If anyone in the DGC would like to get some of these feel free to reach out to me on all socials even YouTube @Rukusgrow420 !!!!!