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Hey guys! Thanks for all the help and getting me this far. I listen to the podcast on my way to work. Decided to try growing and this is 4 1/2 weeks into flower (flipped to 12 hr on 10/14). The strain is strawberry cough I got from ILGM. Its been coming along nicely till I noticed this discoloration. After looking up deficiency charts it looks to me like a chlorine deficiency. Been water them once every other day with; bloom from Meigs (local company), regular water, Recharge, regular water, repeat. I pH the water to about 6.5 except with Recharge. I also add cal mag every 3rd watering or so, just 1 or 2 ml. My water comes out at about 147 ppm and 7.5-8ph (hence the ph down). I have two lights, hlg 100 and a pseudo hlg 100 from Amazon. The Amazon one looks a little more yellow but has Samsung leds, not sure what bin. Two plants in a 3×4 ft tent. The lights are maybe a foot away. Temps are getting low here and I’m in an old house but the humidity stays around 60 rh and Temps get to 61 F low 78 high. Averaging 72F. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!