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Grew out 2 older but still great strains before beginning my Old-time sativa project. Top 2 photos are Blue Cheese and bottom 2 photos are Black Betty. Didn’t get the yield I normally get, I had to veg and super crop an extra 4-5 weeks while waiting for some 8 week autos to finish in 13 weeks. I got zero stretch from flip so I had to grow and train them for tops only.

This is my first complete photoperiod grow since switching completely to FLORAFLEX nutrients and I couldn’t be happier, pH was perfect at 6.2 every time and didn’t have have to use any ph up or down the entire run. It’s also the least expensive complete nutrient line ever. Only amendments used were silica, Blue Planet powered CalMag, SuperThrive, additional Molasses and of course Recharge.

They have a wonderful grape and/or blueberry, floral and citrus smell. The Black Betty is an interesting strain with mid-20’s THC and 4-6% CBD. The Blue Cheese was a purple stemmed pheno even the leaflet veins were purple from start to finish. Final flush on Christmas Day, I will cutting and hanging in 3-4 days and will post bud photos after dry and trim. Happy Growing 🙂

Recharge the Fourth Macronutrient


INDICA is Medicinal, SATIVA is Recreational

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