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What’s up what’s up what the Flip is up DGC!!!! Chugging along pretty well with this first run of living soil. Coast of Maine’s Stonington blend in 10 gals. And have to day I’m quite happy so far with the results.

My lighting system is from the ect linear pro. Not knocking HLG but i’ve ran 135 bspec, 260 r spec and a 300v1  and this system is blowing them out of the water pretty happy I made the choice to get this lighting system and am so happy. Don’t really have a direct questions as open to pointers and opinions. Normally, at this point I would flip to flower But the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results…. soooo. Imma sit my impatient ass down and watch the grow. I want to fill this scrog out properly.

I’m doing compost teas with just bu’s blend compost and some worm castings. Optic foliar a couple times a week and recharge every other watering. Being in a 10 gallon pot I know I’m going to run out of nutrients. But what am I looking for to notice that? How do I know when the plant is actually hungry? The end of this month would be the 60 day mark of being in the ten gallon smart pot  which is when coast of Maine recommends starting to feed. I have mr bs greentree veg but just don’t want to feed to early. Any input or advice I’m open to. The little one is a feminizes Grape Og from Greenpoint. The scrogged chica is a nice little project I’m working on for the DGC cup. So it being pushed back actually worked to my Benefit. Can’t wait to meet some of y’all. Please stay safe. Hope you and yours are all safe and sound through all this bullshit. Much love and respect.