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hey guys i just wanted to share this with the DGC. i always hated when every time i roll a joint i waste a bit of medicine. its not much, but man over time that really adds up. my solution is a cigar box. found at your local cigar store (some are free but the good ones you pay like 5 bucks for). i take a duo-tang cover and cut it to size. i use a lamacoid to scrape it all around. bottom right is the weed i smoke, top right is the buds, top left is for stems and leaves (yes i keep all that stuff, why smoke a leaf when you can cook with it! it helps you be lazy when you have to trim too knowing your gonna pick it all off later) and bottom left is a spare (usually for when i have a sativa going). underneath the duo-tang cover accumulates a ton of kief. the lid is most important, everyone’s tray i ever seen i wouldn’t smoke the stuff in it. there is always dust and crap everywhere in it. the one i found even locks closed!