I finally built a rosin press and have been gettin my squish on!

I’m working on a more detailed article about my new press, but I thought the crew might enjoy a little sneek peek.  If you have any questions about rosin or building a press, please add them to the comments below.  I’ll do my best to answer or make sure I cover it in my article.

Also big shout out to our new DGC SUPPORTER NEW VAPE! for helping me build my new press!  Check them out at NEWVAPE.COM and use COUPON CODE “DUDE” to save 10% and to help support the show!




Citrus Farmer about to get the squeeze. 9 grams of larfy small nugs. (the stuff I was too lazy to trim)

Right after the squish. 9 grams of tiny larf goes in, 2 grams of rosin comes out. Pretty damn good deal if you ask me.

Post squish close up. Really nice quality, especially considering this was from some of the tiny larfy nugs I usually dont bother smoking.

The Citrus Farmer rosin came out so full of orange and citrus terps it has actually has an orange color to it. It tastes kinda like tangerines.

I also pressed some French Roast, which is Triangle Kush x French Toast, bred by Raw Genetics. Super kushy flavored with tons of triangle kush terps!

A few grams of fresh squeezed French Roast Rosin. Super greasy and terpy. Overwhelmingly kushy.

Shout out to our new DGC supporter, NEW VAPE! Use coupon code “DUDE” to save 10% and to help support the DGC!

Thanks for looking and please add any rosin questions to the comments below!