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Hello DGC!  Passionate grower, gardener and home brewer. I have a concern I think is important to share. I have a few versions of the same clip on oscillating grow tent fan that’s mass produced probably in China,  and then different companies stamp their logo on it. I have 2 black versions from “Growbuds”, and 2 white ones from vivosun. Same fans inside and out tho. I am sure many growers out there have the same design as is all I could find online for quite some time in this 6 inch oscillating style. Every one of these fans has failed causing a potential fire hazard in the same way for all 4 fans. If you remove the back cover there are 2 zip ties holding the power cord to the fan. During operation the zip ties have worn through the jacket of the power cord causing a short with exposed conductors. I recommend cutting these zip ties immediately and re tucking/securing the cord in a different manner. If the fan has been in use and/or failed already, I recommend cutting out the section of the power cord that was secured by these 2 zip ties and using barrel crimps or wire nuts to re-connect. I know not everybody feels comfortable with electrical related work like this, I’m an electrician and have the tools and supplies to do this on hand, so of course be careful or get help. I can send pictures or video of the fix if anyone is interested. I just thought that 4 out of 4 fans doing this was worth mentioning.